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About Us

KOPIRICA Sdn Bhd (KOPIRICA Coffee Roasters) established in the year 2014 when we started to design and build the first Malaysian Hybrid Hot Air Recirculating Coffee Roasting Machine, a machine that is more energy-efficient and produced far better-roasted coffee bean than any other roasting machine in the market. 

We endured the 3 gruelling years to develop the new roasting machine, going through all the hassles and the limitation of Malaysia supporting industries, the limitation of the supply of parts and components, almost all components of the roasting machine are designed and machined from the scratch, we even welded every stainless steel parts and structure as no steel fabricator dared to work on something they have never seen before, a gruelling 3 years exhausted almost all our resource, on November 2016 the roasting machine was finally commissioned and fully operational.

As compared to the conventional drum roasters, our roasters are more fuel-efficient and produce consistent results batch after batch. The coffee is amazingly delicious and better-tasting coffee.

Because we understand that there's nothing as comforting as enjoying a cuppa of good coffee, we believe that the final result is well worth the extra mile. 

We’re passionate about the better way how coffee beans to be roasted, We never contented to be just an end-user of the burning red hot cast iron or rusty mild steel machine, scorching coffee green bean into a black colour that disguised under the hi-tech HMI (Human Machine Interface) touch screen manufactured by the foreign giant manufacturer, that is nothing to be proud of. That is why we go to great lengths to design and build the Hybrid Hot Air Recirculating Coffee Roasting Machine - An Environmental Friendly Coffee Roaster from scratch.

With our Hybrid Hot Air Recirculating Coffee Roasting Machine, we are able to produce amazing coffee to serve the local community, word of mouth spread throughout the small new village of Sungai Buloh and afield, seeing Kampung folk drinking our espresso beverage and speciality coffee in Sungai Buloh New Village was something unimaginable, Coffee connoisseur willingly travelled the distance just to enjoy our great coffee. And thanks to their wonderful support as well as enthusiasm, KOPIRICA Coffee Roasters is now among the leading coffee roasters in the business.

Over the years, KOPIRICA Coffee Roasters evolved into a micro coffee roaster, which means that we roast our coffee in small batch size to the customer’s order. We are also supplying coffee beans to café, wholesale customers, white-label for food chains, F&B Franchise, E-Commerce sellers and etc.

We currently operate our Roastery café cater for walk-in customers, our Roastery café also to serve for our Wholesale Customers, E-Commerce, and Market Place and Offline customers as a customer experience centre.